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The Accidental Prime Minister | Full HD Movie || Anupam Kher,Akshaye Khanna

Not often do we get “actual” inside dope on political personalities & decisions in an unabashed manner on silver screen. The movie promos and controversy surrounding it assured all of it. I was excited to hear about a person who spoke very little! The story is narrated somewhat in the form of a documentary through the lens of political commentator Sanjay Baru, the man who wrote the book of same name which inspired the makers of this movie. It has effective mix and match of actual clippings of those times intertwined with director’s portrayal of political figures. It starts with UPA victory in general elections of 2004, accession of Dr. Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister of India, covering few major highlights of his tenure and finally their embarrassing rout in 2014 elections. I haven’t read the book neither do I follow politics actively hence can’t comment on similarities/facts/fiction but one thing is glaring in the film, direct attack on Congress Party. The makers haven’t tried to hide the identity of their leaders, openly naming most of them and giving fairly direct references where they couldn’t. The getup and choice of actors playing these characters itself is a big give away. Full marks for indiscretion. Anupam Kher has acted brilliantly. Can’t imagine any other person playing this character with such canny resemblance, not just looks but personality too, be it the way of walking or talking. Akshay Khanna has done a decent job too. However, the narration puts more focus on Akshay’s character rather done Kher’s, virtually making him the first citizen in the film. Rest of the cast had little screen presence in this short film spanning less than 2 hours. We all know the way in which political parties are run in India, dictatorial approach in world’s largest democracy! It is paradoxical to advice someone to see his/her own fate being played with, especially done to add more love in a mother-son relationship. But such is life dearies, we live to laugh on jokes practically played on us. So go and enjoy the unfolding of political drama and get aligned with director’s vision of whom not to vote for in next elections. Wasn’t that the aim of the movie? At least the timing suggests so. Either ways, recommended only for people with some political interest, rather, interest is politics. Mind you, both are not the same